Information Technology Project Management

IT Project Management

Information Technology Project Management

Manajemen Perubahan & Proyek TI (IKI83409T-GSL1213)

Referenced Book:
  • Marchewka, J., (2015), Information Technology Project Management, 5th Edition, Wiley, New Jersey.

  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK Guide, sixth edition.
  • Course Description: This course is a three-credit. The course is based on the best and most current thinking in the field, particularly the Project Management Institute's approach described in A Guide to the Project (PMBOKĀ® Guide). This IT Project and Change Management course examines project management in theory and practice and the roles and responsibilities of the project manager. The course offers a practical approach to managing projects, focusing on organizing, planning, and controlling the efforts of the project and its implications on organizational change management.
    The focus of the course will be to develop in the student some of the skills of IT Project Management and to give the student a practical application of those skills. Some areas of focus include: project selection and scoping, schedule development using MS Project, risk management, quality planning, team building and project communication, Project Procurement Management and Outsourcing. Students will develop a comprehensive project plan using a project of their choice.
    At the end of the course, students will understand why project management requires a high degree of professionalism, and how to achieve that end in future projects.
    Course Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide a foundation to prepare students, as future IT project managers, IT engineers, or system architects, to play leading roles in the application and management of IT system construction.

    Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
    • Understand the job roles of an IT project manager;
    • Recognize the key issues during the IT project management procedures;
    • Describe the best practices in IT project management processes;
    • Build a performing organization and project team
    • Develop Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
    • Establish project estimates and project schedules
    • Create project plans
    • Manage overall change control
    • Control project execution processes
    • Terminate a project with a close-out strategy
    • Build up the baseline knowledge for further career in IT project management fields.
    Team and Individual Assignment25%
    MSE 30%
    FSE 30%
    Quizes, Participation 15%
    Minggu 1CHAPTER 1 The Nature of Information Technology Projects
    Minggu 2CHAPTER 2 Project Methodologies and Processes
    Minggu 3CHAPTER 3 Measurable Organizational Value and the Business Case
    Minggu 4CHAPTER 4 Project Planning: The Project Infrastructure
    Minggu 5CHAPTER 5 Project Planning: Scope and the Work Breakdown Structure
    Tugas1Buatlah Business Case dari suatu pengembangan aplikasi.
    Due: 30 Maret 2018
    Penilaian akan dilakukan pada aspek Kelengkapan, kedalaman, dan keluasan analisis.
    Minggu 5-6Bahan Tambahan 01
    Minggu 6
    CHAPTER 6 Project Planning: The Schedule and Budget
    Minggu 7Cost and Project Integration Management
    Minggu 8Ujian Tengah Semester
    Minggu 9CHAPTER 7 Managing Project Risk
    Minggu 10CHAPTER 8 Managing Project Stakeholders and Communication
    Minggu 11CHAPTER 9 Managing Project Quality (5th Edition)
    Managing Project Quality (4th Edition)
    Tugas 2
    Dari Business Case yang sudah saudara buat, telah diputuskan bahwa Business Case tersebut disetujui untuk dilaksanakan sebagai proyek. Buatlah Project charter dan Project Plan dari project tersebut.

    Isi Project Charter and Project Plan mengikuti template pada buku yang dapat dilihat di sini

    Due dari assignment ini adalah pada tanggal: 23 Mei 2018
    Minggu 12CHAPTER 10 Leading the Project Team
    Minggu 13CHAPTER 11 Managing Organizational Change, Resistance, and Conflict
    Minggu 14CHAPTER 12 Project Completion
    Minggu 15Dosen Tamu
    Minggu 16Ujian Akhir